Independent Label Fair Budapest @ 2017.09.09., 12:00-22:00 @ Anker’t

ilf_cover_vasar_txt There are a few dozen small independent labels in Hungary which may have heard of each other but never really had the chance to meet up, check each others catalogues and have fun together. With the Independent Label Fair Budapest we would like to change this and give the Hungarian independent scene the opportunity to go offline and get together creating a win-win situation for everyone. At the fair the labels will have the chance to reach a wider audience and sell their old and new releases (vinyl, CDs, tapes, T-shirts, etc), while the visitors can meet the people behind their favourite labels in person, support them directly by purchasing their relaeses and off course, discover new gems. There will be concerts and Dj sets all day performed by artists of the participating labels, an exact line up will be announced later. Entry is free. Disclaimer: ILF Budapest is not a conventional record fair, individual record dealers are not allowed to sell.

Működik ma Magyarországon pár tucatnyi független kiadó, amik jobb esetben már hallottak egymásról, de eddig nem igazán volt alkalmuk rá, hogy találkozzanak, megismerjék egymás cuccait és közben mindenki jól is érezze magát.
A Budabeats Records ezen szeretne változtatni az Independent Label Fair Budapest megszervezésével, ami Magyarország első kifejezetten kis kiadóknak és közönségüknek szóló vásáraként arra törekszik, hogy a független színtér szereplői kilépve az online térből összejöjjenek, bemutassák portfóliójukat egymásnak, de főleg a közönségnek. A felállás a következő: a kiadók kipakolnak, egymás közt kibeszélik a leggyorsabb nyomdákat vagy az angyali módon előre (nem)fizető terjesztőiket, miközben az addig mondjuk főleg lo-fi rockra bukó vásárlátogató izgalmas új zenéket fedez fel és azok megvásárlásával első kézből támogatja legújabb kedvenc, kísérleti elektronikában vagy épp hip-hop-ban utazó, de korábban számára teljesen ismeretlen kiadóját.
Fontos, hogy az ILF Budapest nem egy hagyományos értelemben vett lemezbörze – ilyenből szerencsére már több is fut Budapesten -, így hát egyéni árusok nem, kizárólag magyar lemezkiadók települhetnek ki.

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Exotic Jazz Impressions Mix from Dj Gandharva & Von Yodi

Dj Gandharva & Von Yodi magyarjazz mixe a The Jazz Meet oldalán, kiindulva az Exotic Jazz Impressions from Hungary kislemezből. Szakadó hóban vagy otthon a kályha melegében is működik.
Hungarian jazz tunes mixed by Dj Gandharva & Von Yodi for the good people at The Jazz Meet. Obvious occasion: celebrating the Exotic Jazz Impressions EP.

Exotic Jazz Impressions lemezbemutató és Magyarbuli



Budabeats Records presents four jazz inspired cuts from the early ‘60s. This period is not renowned for quality Hungarian music, however it gave birth to a handful of gems that sound world class, even today. The single features two tracks by Mária Toldy, and one track each by Nadja Beimel and Márta Szirmay. The common denominator is jazz, but it is blended with other styles such as Afro-Cuban, exotica and bossa nova. This bold, adventurous sound transcends the luke-warm clichés of dance music of the time. That’s why we felt it worth it to dust off these tough-to-find recordings and give them a new spin.
The record is available from February 2017 in a custom designed picture sleeve, with two different sticker sets by Recordshack Distribution. The release is limited to 500 copies. You can create your own unique record by using the stickers accompanying the single to lay graphic elements on the label.


By the beginning of the 1950s the totalitarian socialist state had conquered the cultural sphere, just like any other walk of life, controlling all artistic and creative activities. Jazz was seen as decadent music of Western imperialism, which had been the typical form of entertainment for the “sinful” bourgeoisie before the war. The Musicians’ Union persecuted bands that played American or – God forbid – improvisational music by any means necessary. According to a report from that time: “Influenced by tips, [musicians] accommodate the needs of elements with bourgeois taste, or even hostile attitudes. It is not uncommon that they perform Soviet songs and good new hungarian songs in jazz-like arrangements and rhythms. The bands are undisciplined in most of the places. They are often drunk.”
(Executive Committee meeting of the Budapest Council, June 6, 1952)
The loosening up of politics in the early 60s made it possible for the Hungarian jazz scene, that had previously only existed completely illegaly, to step out of the shadows. The Youth Jazz Club of Dália Eszpresszó in Budapest’s city center is considered as the cradle of the local jazz movement. Although the club still operated under the oversight of the Communist Youth Alliance, it offered a chance for jazz enthusiasts to meet every other week. The general opinion of jazz still fluctuated between tolerated and supported, which was of course far from ideal, especially compared to the blossoming jazz scenes elsewhere in the Eastern Bloc. The Magyar Hanglemezgyártó Vállalat – the state owned Hungarian record company – had only one jazz release annually (Modern Jazz Anthology I-X, 1963-1971). In comparison Polish jazz bands could release individual albums, which resulted in a steady output of jazz records. These obstacles caused severe, irreversible damage, however jazz found its way to the wider audience in Hungary as proven by a handful of unique masterworks that are barely known outside of the country. We present four deep vocal cuts from this legacy that blend jazz with elements of styles like Afro-Cuban, Exotica or bossa nova.

Mária Toldy (1938-) prepared for a career as a singing teacher, however the decision-makers in the popular music department of the Hungarian Radio were so convinced by her first test recording that she quickly became one of the most frequently recorded voices. She cut dozens of singles and on multiple occasions took home the winning prize in the Hungarian Dance Song Contest in the second half of the 1960s. She is featured on this release with two tracks. Fázom (I’m Freezing) is a jazz dance tune built around bossa nova rhythms and a tight string and horn section. It was played by the likes of Gilles Peterson (BBC, Brownswood Records) and Gerald ‘Jazzman’ Short (Jazzman Records). Out of the four tracks on this single, Hóbortos Este Volt (Stumbling Moon) is the closest to pop music aesthetics, but its unique arrangement and a virtuoso flute solo lift this tune out of the mass of conventional dance songs.

Nadja Beimel (1937-), a singer of Bulgarian origin, met vibraphonist Károly Beimel on her Bulgarian tour. The tour was such a success that they crossed the border back to Hungary as a married couple. After her Hungarian debut, Nadja regurarly performed in the Budapest Circus as part of the Women in the Amphitheater showcase. She has also performed with the Négy Barát ensemble and the band of Andor Kovács. In the midst of their Scandinavian tour in the early 1970s the Hungarian authorities requested their return home immediately. Because of their contractual duties and their baby who was born in the 1970s they decided to disregard this order. They were sentenced to two and a half years in prison in their absence. As a result they could only visit Hungary after the political transitions in 1989.
Sahara* is a song sung in Italian that stands out from the Hungarian dance music singles released in its time. On the original record it is marked as Afro-cuban, and is accompanied by an Eastern sounding clarinet melody throughout. The Azúr Ensemble was formed solely for the four track recording session in 1963. Its members include Károly Beimel as the leader of the combo (piano, vibraphone), Norbert Duka (bass), János Kékesi János (clarinet, saxophone), Rudolf Koslik (guitar), Mihály Ráduly Mihály (saxophone) – who later went on to join the legendary jazz rock group Syrius – and Tarkői Viktor (dob). The backing vocalists on this record are an entirely strange story: Levente Szörényi és Szabolcs Szörényi, who became known later leading Illés, one of the most important Hungarian rock bands. This is probably their first ever recording.

Márta Szirmay (1939-2015) long deliberated whether to pursue a career as a jazz singer or an opera singer. Her first album – blending jazz standards and evergreens – was released in 1964. It was actually the first ever jazz record released by Magyar Hanglemezgyártó Vállalat. The backing band, Qualiton Jazz Együttes, was the session band of the record company with often changing members, such as Tibor Buvári, János Gonda, Péter Káldos, Attila Sasvári and Tibor Várnai. The bossa nova based Bagira, sticks out from the rest of the otherwise reserved album. It evokes the exotica records that were popular in the US at the time by mixing exotic, Eastern, South-American and African influences. Szirmay later became successful in the realm of opera, and only returned to jazz by the end of the ‘80s.

Studio 11. From 1948, the house band of the Hungarian Radio (formerly known as Magyar Rádió Tánczenekara). Led by Imre Zsoldos and Sándor Dobsa, they were the staple backing group for song contests, radio and television shows. They have also appeared on the „Modern Jazz” compilations and were featured on multiple pop singles with jazzy arrangements.


IMG_3220remix2DigiA year has passed by since the ‘Linda’ soundtrack and the remixes got published here on Budabeats. The significance of the legacy is so large that we could not get tired of it or to be precise we just got to the point when we can let it go knowing that not all the sounds from this great series got dug out, only the three themes that Mr. Vukan handled to us on a small tape. Later he sadly passed away and could not hear the influence he had on us. A year after the first major versions’ release, here is the second wave of remixes to praise his talent for music.
Release date: 18. 11. 2016
Eltelt egy év a Linda sorozat filmzenéje és azokból készített remixek megjelenése óta, de a hagyaték olyan erővel bír, hogy nem sikerült leszakadnunk róla. Illetve mostanra sikerült csak elengedni ezt a még mindig kimeríthetetlen időszakot a magyar (film)zene egy ékes időszakából. Tesszük mindezt úgy, hogy ez az egy szem sorozat összes hanganyagát sem sikerült teljességgel felkutatni, csak három témát, melyet Vukán Gyuri bá’, majd a szerző sajnálatos halála után az örökösök a kiadó állományának ajánlottak. Az első feldolgozásokat tartalmazó kislemez ezt az első pár éves reflektálást tette elérhetővé, a lelkesedés tovább tartott és lett belőle további öt verzió.


bube-030_cover_BBThe band was formed in 2013 after an exciting jam session performed together at an open air event at Budapest’s Chain Bridge. Since then they’ve won 1st prize at Szimpla Kert’s ’Lemming Program’ talent show and performed at Ozora Festival as well. In their music they combine the precision of electronic music with jazz improvisation, thair main inspirations are jazz, space music and techno. The band includes: András Csizmás – double bass, electronics; Gábor Keresztes – keys, samples, scratch, electronics; Áron Komjáti – guitar, effects; Ágoston Szabó Sipos – drums.

Artist: Freakin’ Disco
Title: National Jazz Fuckers
Label: Budabeats Records BUBE-030
Release date: 17.10.2016
Genre: jazz, spacemusic, disco, techno

A zenekar 2013-ban alakult a Lánchíd pesti hídfőjénél a Valyo parton egy jól sikerült improvizáción felbuzdulva. Azóta nyertek a Szimpla Lemming programján, játszottak a Dürer kert nagyszínpadán és az Ozora fesztiválon is. Az elektronikus zene pontossága és a jazz improvizatív jellege egyszerre van jelen a zenéjükben, amit három stílus határoz meg: jazz, spacemusic és techno. A zenekar tagjai: András Csizmás – double bass, electronics; Gábor Keresztes – keys, samples, scratch, electronics; Áron Komjáti – guitar, effects; Ágoston Szabó Sipos – drums.


Budabeats Records presents it’s third single with two dancefloor bombs from South America.
Side A contains a cover of Jorge Ben’s classic ‘O Telefone Tocou Novamente’ performed by the Brazilian Singers. Their version from 1971 is a bit faster and even tighter then the original.
On side B there is a heavy surf rock tune from 1969 called ‘Setime Patrulla’ by deluxe Peruvian Band Los Belkings.
Two favourites of Gilles Peterson and Quantic reissued on vinyl for the first time.

Design by Siptár Ábel
Mastered by Tanka „Direct” István

You can purchase the single on Budabeats’ Bandcamp site ( and your in local record store.

Artist: Brazilian Singers / Los Belkings
Title: O Telefone Tocou Novamente / Setima Patrulla
Label: Budabeats Records BUBE-029
Release date: 22.08.2016 (re)
Genre: MPB, bossa nova, surf rock

Két ritka dél-amerikai számot ásott elő a Budabeats Records, egy brazil és egy perui táncparkett-robbantót a ’60-70-es évekből.

Az A oldalon a Brazilian Singers 1971-es nagylemezén szereplő szuper laza, ám Jorge Ben klasszikusánál sokkal feszesebb feldolgozása hallható, az O Telefone Tocou Novamente. Míg a B oldalon a perui surf rock koronázatlan királyai, a Los Belkings szerepel a Setima Patrulla-val 1969-ből. Gilles Peterson és Quantic nagy kedvencei végre egy kislemezen. Mindkét darab első ízben lett újranyomva vinylen.

A lemez dizájn Siptár Ábel munkája, a maszterelést Tanka „Direct” István végezte.

A lemez megvásárolható a Budabeats bandcamp oldalán ( és a jobb lemezboltokban.



Január 23-án, szombaton este a Soul Cure buli keretein belül mutatjuk be a “Liza, a rókatündér” hét inches kislemezt a Fogaskertben. A fellépők: Erik Sumo (special Liza dj set), Dj Gandharva a Budabeats vezetője és Von Yodi, a Soul Cure rezidense. A belépés ingyenes! Nyereményjáték és további info:



Budabeats Records is proud to present the 7” EP release of the original soundtrack of multiple award winning Hungarian comedy, Liza, The Fox Fairy.  The story in a nutshell: Liza is a nurse, seeking love desperately. Her only friend is a long-dead Japanese pop star, who turns her into a fox-fairy out of jealousy. For this reason,  every man who desires Liza shall suffer a horrible death.

The Japanese backgrond indicates that the soundtrack of the movie is not your avarage background music but authentic 1960’s style Japanese pop songs recorded with vintage gear, written / produced and sung in Japanase by composer Ambrus Tövisházi (of former Erik Sumo fame). Tövisházi worked on the material for more than five years. He listened to tons of Japanese beat songs from the sixties to be able to reproduce the sound of that era perfectly.

As we consider the music by far more than a usual comedy-soundtrack we decided to release four songs of the soundtrack on a limited 7 inch vinyl recording.

’Dance, Dance Have A Good Time’ and ’Doki Doki’ are heavy surf rock tunes on side A, while side B contains the romantic ballad ’Forever (My Love)’ and the funky stomper ’Funky Booeeiing’.

The 7” is distributed via Reckord Shack Distribution and will be available at record shops worldwide, all big online stores or directly from the labels Bandcamp site:

Artist: Erik Sumo & the Fox Fairies
Title: Liza, the Fox Fairy
Release date: 14th of December 2015
Label: Budabeats
Cat#: BUBE-028
Format: 7” vinyl

A magyar zenetörténet első magyar-japán surf rock filmzenéje a számos nemzetközi díjat besöpört Liza, a rókatündér c. film eredeti betétdalai. A zeneszerző Erik Sumo, alias Tövisházi Ambrus megszámlálhatatlan ázsiai popzenét hallgatott meg a ’60-as évekből, hogy elérjék a korszakra jellemző autentikus japán beat hangzást. A hangszerelésnél és a felvételnél is külön figyeltek arra, hogy csak korhű technikát használjanak: Neumann mikrofonokat, Ludwig dobfelszerelést és a gitárhangzást is ehhez igazították. Így elmondható, hogy akár Japánban is felvehették volna az anyagot, 50 évvel ezelőtt.

Ennek megfelelően a Budabeats kiadó nem hagyhatta, hogy pusztán mp3 fájlok formájában „maradjon fenn” az utókor számára a Liza zenéje. A kiválasztott négy szám tehát méltóképpen vinyl lemezen jelenik meg. A Dance, Dance Have A Good Time és a Doki Doki pörgős surf rock számok az A oldalon, míg a B oldalon Liza (Balsai Mónika) énekével megtoldott Forever (My Love) ballada és a szintis funk bomba, a Funky Booeeiing hallható.

A lemez megrendelhető online a kiadótól (, ill. kapható a kisebb-nagyobb hazai lemezboltokban. A lemezt a világ többi részén a Shack Distribution terjeszti.


12138328_10153708194856501_2936228549213860356_oAfter the Linda 7” Budabeats Records presents another Linda related release. On the tapes coming from the Vukán archive beside the original two other themes were found which remained unreleased aswell. Now the three themes get the remix treatment by five Hungarian producers and one band: Marcel, Dj Bootsie, Sirmo, Bodoo & MRBL, Suhov and the Kettő Kettő Dance Orchestra reworked the originals for your listening and dancing pleasure.

A felvezető kislemez után, újabb extra adag Lindával jelentkezik a Budabeats Records. Az eredeti Vukán György főtéma mellett, a hangszalagról előkerült két másik témát is közkinccsé teszi a kiadó. Ebből a három műből készített feldolgozásokat hét magyar producer, ill. zenekar. A 7”-es lemezen már leleplezett Mindig Más verzióján kívül Marcel, Dj Bootsie, Sirmo, Bodoo x MRBL, Suhov és a Kettő Kettő Tánczenekar is újraértelmezte a Linda filmsorozat zenéjét.